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Hamafukutsuru’s ginjo brewery!

The “Ginjo Kobo” opened on March 22, 1996 with a glass-enclosed facility where you can see the entire sake brewing process with the thought of broadly sharing the traditional culture of Japanese sake making with many people. One of the features of the Ginjo Kobo is that you can watch the brewing process in real time throughout the four seasons. This is an “exploration space for fermentation culture” that can be enjoyed by everyone from adults to children.
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Let’s learn the history and culture of sake making!

A place to experience
sake making through a glass-walled corridor

Of all the various venues with brewery-related themes, one of the major features of Hamafukutsuru’s Ginjo Kobo is that you can see “Moromi-shikomi” (sake fermentation mash preparation). You can experience the mystery of sake brewing by listening to the “voice of sake” as it ferments and be surrounded by the sweet aroma of actual “moromi”. There is also a corner with panels and videos that explain the process of sake brewing from start to finish and displays of sake brewing tools that have been used since the Edo period.
We offer guided tours for groups of 10+ (reservations required).


Scene of preparation

Quality assurance check for freshly squeezed (“shiboritate”) sake


*Since this is an actual production line, the type of work you can view will vary depending on the time of year, day of the week, and time of day of your visit. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

A corridor of the sake making factory tour where “you can experience preparation of moromi”.

Explanation board and video corner

Display of traditional sake brewing tools

Enjoy the unique taste of local sake breweries!

Enjoy special sake, such as limited-edition unpasteurized sake
and treasured sake served only on premises

After experiencing traditional culture, you can taste freshly squeezed, limited-edition unpasteurized sake at the “Unpasteurized Sake Tasting Corner”. Enjoy comparing the different types of rice and brewing methods. Non-alcoholic drinks such as homemade amazake and local cider are also available for children and non-drinkers.
There is also the “Fee-based Sake Tasting” where you can sample carefully selected sake at a reasonable price and the “Limited-edition Treasured Sake Corner” where you can purchase premium sake that could only be enjoyed by the brewery’s staff by selecting the volume of sake you would like to purchase.

Unpasteurized sake tasting corner

Fee-based sake tasting

Limited-edition “sell-by-volume” hidden treasure sake corner

Let’s create memories from your trip!

Enjoy the many items that are only available here and take a commemorative photo!

At the “Direct Sales Corner,” we sell sake that can only be purchased at the Ginjo Kobo and various original products. For those who do not drink alcohol, homemade amazake, local products, and carefully selected fermented foods are also available.
The Ginjo Kobo is filled picturesque spots ! Please enjoy taking your commemorative photos.

A shop where “limited-edition products can be purchased”

Filled with picturesque spots

Entrance to factory tour

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Hamafukutsuru Ginjo Kobo
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