Brand Story

Delicious sake that has been loved since the Edo period

Label from the period of Tanaka Tozaemon Shoten

History of Nanatsu Ume, a genealogy passed down
from generation to generation

Painted by Saneatsu himself (preserved in our brewery)

Proud of our brewery’s efforts to create
the “ultimate meal-time sake”

We believe that “sake is meant to bring out the flavors of food and ingredients”. “How to play a significant supporting role in the dining experience” is a constant theme for Nanatsu Ume.

We will continue to pursue brewing a sake that is loved by everyone while carefully protecting the natural blessings and traditions of our predecessors.

Line Up

Nanatsu Ume Yamada Nishiki Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai sake
An authentic Junmai-shu brewed with Kimoto brewing technique and made from 100% local Yamada Nishiki harvested in Hyogo prefecture using clear natural spring water from the Rokko mountains. A mellow, dry taste that you will never tired of drinking. The clear palate balanced with fullness and acidity enhances the flavor and aroma of cuisine.
Nanatsu Ume Kimoto Junmai Nama Genshu Aiyama
Our brewery took on the challenge of recreating the granddaddy of “Nanatsu Ume”. We left no stone unturned in the pursuit to capture the sharp palate and the richness in the quintessential Japanese sake that you will never want to stop drinking. With its refreshing palate, it is characterized by the opulent five senses (umami, bitterness, astringency, sourness and spiciness) and a pleasant crispness.

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