Brand Story

Passing down the founder’s spirit,
we pursue the best sake brewed in Nada.

Commitment to small-scale brewing of ginjo sake

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Hizo Hamafukutsuru Junmai daiginjo sake, Fukurozuri shizukuzake
Specially brewed, treasured, limited-edition sakes for sake competitions. The sake is matured quietly at low temperatures, collecting only the naturally dripping morsels of the fermentation mash that have been hung in a sake bag. After being bottled as unpasteurized sake, it is again aged at an ultra-low temperature to preserve the clarity and mellow quality of the sake.
Daiginjo Hamafukutsuru
The combined techniques of the Hamafukutsuru’s brewers, who have won many awards at the Annual Japan Sake Awards jointly held by the National Research Institute of Brewing and the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, are concentrated all in one bottle. “Undiluted sake” of daiginjo is carefully bottled, unfiltered, by hand bottle-by-bottle by hand-squeezing a bag of sake without adjustment for added water. Known as “Hitotsubi”, it is heat-sterilized after bottling to preserve the mellow flavor that is unique to the top-quality daiginjo. Please enjoy the mellow taste that is characteristic of undiluted sake.
Hamafukutsuru Kimoto Junmai Dry
A classic dry junmai-shu using the quintessential “Kimoto brewing” technique of Nada sake. Characterized by a well-balanced, refined palate with a refreshing aroma and depth.

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